TRADITIONIceland has a long tradition in body construction of motor coaches and buses. Here are examples of 1933 Studebaker, 1937 FORD and 1946 REO. Poststamps designed by Þröstur Magnússon (reprinted by permission). 1998 HUMMER BERSERK.

In the Icelandic handbook "Jepper á fjöllum (4WD Trucks in the Mountains)" - for FWS owners, Off-Road & highland travellers, printed by Ormstunga Book Company of Seltjarnarnes, 1994.

It says on page 312, where it describes how perfect Jeep and 4WD trucks should be: "The bottom line is, that the four-wheeler should have over three meters between the front- and rear wheels (i.e. 3 meter wheelbase).

It should also have as short distance from the front of the truck to the front wheels and from rear wheels to the rear end of the truck. This apply to all weight groups and sizes of four-wheelers trucks". HUMMER meets all these criteria!

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