For the past three years the Icelandic Hummer representative has been designing and developing a "Berserk", an extremely powerful 18-passenger tour bus. A version based on the 12.100 GVW Hummer chassis, this modified vehicle will open a huge potential market.

Our Web Site aims at presenting the "Berserk", no longer just a prototype, but commenced in serial production. Before going Berserk in outstanding feature and the outlook let's go back to the Vikings heritage of understanding the power of Berserk.

Dictionary definitions speak of:
"1: an ancient Scandinavian warrior frenzied in battle and held to be invulnerable 2: one whose actions are recklessly defiant." * No word than Berserk can better conceptualise the spirit of the Vikings - to be adventurous, daring, explorative, and fit for fight if and when the circumstances demand. Hence Hummer Berserk.

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